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Rayhaan Lim

NewLife Confinement Nanny Agency Pte Ltd.

Me and my wife have been staying here for 3 weeks, we will be here for another week ,i would like to says it is more like staycation rather than confinement, environment here is tranquil and peaceful, food served is delicious and delicate, I heard that the chef was the ex head chef of Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Nanny assigned to our room is a Malaysian, very caring and helpful.

Sophia has been very responsive, she would attend to my wife’s request very promptly.

Thank you all again new life team.

I had a wonderful experience at NewLife confinement center. The place is very tranquil and suitable for recuperation after birth. The food was also meticulously prepared that focus on helping mothers to nurse back to health especially the herbal tonic soup. I was also looking forward to the delicious food during each meal. The services also include massage and herbal foot soak. Special mention to the nanny who was professional and shared many helpful tips on how to manage the baby. Overall, it was a great experience. Would recommend to others.




I had wonderful experience in Newlife confinement center. They are very professional in providing confinement service, especially their confinement food and nanny. Kelvin’s culinary expertise is on par chefs from 5-star hotels. He cooked delicious Chinese, Western, and Japanese food, and personalized the flavor (e.g., less salty) to my liking.

Aunty Kareen is a very professional and experienced Nanny and she took good care of me and the baby with patience. I am very touched by the fact that she will remind me to drink water and take my medicine every day. Overall, a 5 star rating!

Thanks to Sophia for the sweet caring and helping. I enjoyed my time here and would recommend to others.

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