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 Confinement Nanny to Home Service


Our joint company Work Link International Pte Ltd (MOM Lic No. 18C9472) provides Confinement Nanny to Home Service, which we assign our confinement nannies to employer’s residential house to take care of postpartum mummy and new-born baby.

我们集团另一个公司Work Link 为客户提供月嫂上门服务,人力部执照号码:18C9472,即派遣月嫂到雇主家照顾产妇和新生婴儿。

Qualifications of Our Confinement Nanny:


  • All are professionally trained
  • 受过专业培训
  • 3 to 10 years of experience
  • 3至10年陪月经验
  • All with Legal MOM work pass
  • 持有人力部合法工作准证
  • Medical check-up to ensure medically fit
  • 体检合格才能开工

The job scopes of our confinement nanny:



For Mummy(关爱产妇)


  • Cooking confinement meals with science based nutritional recipe 煮月子餐,营养食谱,科学搭配
  • Brewing confinement herbal soup, red dates drinks, and herbal bathing water 煲煮坐月中药材,红枣茶,药材冲凉水
  • Professional guidance on mummy’s recovery, lochia and support on breast feeding 专业指导产妇产后恢复,排恶露,辅助产妇母乳喂奶



For New-Born (呵护宝宝)

  • 24 hours of taking care 24小时呵护
  • Bathing, feeding, massage, changing diapers, milk bottle sterilizing 冲凉,喂养,抚触,换尿布,奶瓶消毒
  • Advising on jaundice, umbilical cord care, buttocks rash, spitting milk etc 指导黄疸,脐带护理,臀部红疹,吐奶等生理现象
  • Early intellectual development, training to establish a good habit of sleeping 早期智力开发,训练宝宝简历良好睡眠习惯

Others (其他)

  • Laundry for mummy and new-born, baby clothing handwashing 清洗产妇和宝宝衣服,宝宝衣服手洗
  • Simple housing cleaning 简单家务清洁
  • Grocery shopping if requested 超市/巴萨购买食材如果雇主要求

The Reason For Choosing NewLife Confinement Nanny

  • 2 free placements
  • Progressive payment
  • Medical check-up ensuring medically fit
  • All are experienced and professionally trained
  • Guaranteed the availability of service once put deposit
  • Alternatively can choose to stay in our confinement apartment

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