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Postnatal Massage and Lactation Consultation


Located under the Bukit Timah Hill, NewLife Confinement Center is surrounded by the lush greeneries and bright flowers, and away from city’s hustle and bustle, here at our modern hotel-style confinement room, mummy and their baby will experience their confinement month just like in holiday with peace and privacy.

With One room assigned one professional nanny, we are taking care of maternal mummy and new-born baby to a deeper level.

The Package provides you the services starting from confinement month to postpartum rehabilitation.

Enquiry now our package to get the details to free your mind and save your precious time for the confinement chores!

新生命月子中心坐落在武吉知马山下,四周绿树成荫,花草鲜明,远离城市喧嚣, 月子房为现代式酒店风格,幽静隐秘,让产后妈妈和宝宝在月子里如度假一般轻松愉悦,并享有高度隐私。


配套服务包括从坐月子到产后康复等项目,现在就来咨询我们的配套,不要再为你的坐月琐事而感到 烦恼,为你节省宝贵时间!

Package & Services



Room Facility and Services(套房设施和)服务)

  • Indoor Gym 健身房
  • Conference Room 会议室
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi 户外按摩浴缸
  • Private Workstations 办公区域
  • Outdoor kids Pool 室外儿童泳池
  • Carpark 停车场
  • Tennis Court 网球场
  • 24 hrs CCTV surveillance 24小时闭路电视监控
  • Kids Playground 儿童游乐场
  • 24 hrs Concierge Services 24小时礼宾服务
  • BBQ Facilities 烧烤设施
  • Wireless Broadband internet connection 无线宽带互联网连接

Mummy Care(产妇护理)

  • TCM Physician Consulting 中医师查房看诊
  • Escort Service to Clinic 复诊陪护
  • Lochia Observation and Guidance 恶露观察指导
  • Surgical Wound Recovery and Guidance 产后伤口恢复指导
  • Uterine Recovery 子宫恢复
  • Postnatal Depression Guidance 产后忧郁心里疏导
  • Breastfeeding Support 母乳指导

New-born Care(宝宝护理)

  • Jaundice Guidance 黄疸指导
  • Early Intellectual Development 早教智能开发
  • Umbilical Cord Care 脐部护理
  • Feeding and Bathing Baby 喂奶冲凉
  • Buttocks Rash Care 臀部护理
  • 24 hr Constant Care 24小时不间断照料
  • Baby Massage 抚触按摩

Customized Confinement Meal(量身定制月子餐)

  • TCM prescribe confinement herbs individually 中医根据个人体质配备坐月中药材
  • Customized 5 meals per day 每日5餐,3餐2点
  • High-classed ingredients including sea cucumber, bird’s nest, fish maw 包含高档食材,如海参,燕窝,鱼胶等
  • Rich and fresh ingredients, ensuring nutrition balanced 食材丰富新鲜,营养均衡

Postpartum Rehabilitation(产后康复)

  • Herbal with ginger hair washing 中药材老姜水洗头
  • Breast Dredging 乳腺疏通
  • Herbal Bathing 中药材水洗浴
  • Postnatal Massage 产后按摩
  • Herbal Foot Bath 中药材水泡脚

The following programs will be charged additionally(以下项目欲做需另付费)

  • Full Month Herbal Steamer Treatment 满月发汗
  • Pelvis Recovery Treatment 盆骨修复
  • Abdominal Rectus Muscles Recovery Treatment 腹直肌修复
  • Vaginal Tightening 私密紧致术

Value Added Free Services(增值赠送服务)

  • Free pick-up service from hospital to apartment 专车从医院接去入住
  • Free new-born and family photograph package 新生儿及全家福摄影一套

The Reason For Choosing NewLife Confinement Nanny

  • 2 free placements
  • Progressive payment
  • Medical check-up ensuring medically fit
  • All are experienced and professionally trained
  • Guaranteed the availability of service once put deposit
  • Alternatively can choose to stay in our confinement apartment

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