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What’s the difference between hiring a confinement nanny by myself and going through Newlife ?

Many mother like engaging a confinement nanny through friends or relatives’ referral, however, they are unaware this is illegal employment. According to MOM Employment Act, all employers who employ confinement nannies from Malaysia regardless if friends or relatives, paid or unpaid, will have to apply for a work permit for them. MOM has also implemented penalties for employment of foreign workers without work permits. Please refer to the MOM website for more information.

Please click here to MOM website for more details

By engaging a nanny through Newlife, we negate all the hassles that you will have to face by helping you to make all the necessary arrangements from the first stage of contact till the nanny arrives at your doorstep. Furthermore, we ensure that a professianal trained nanny will be available for you, regardless of your delivery date. Most importantly, we have a group of dedicated crew who will provide you with the utmost support and assistance throughout your entire confinement period, with services like a replacement of nanny if necessary.

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