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Why in the market there are still many people hire confinement nanny withoutht applying Work Permit ?

Most of people doing so because on the one hand they are unaware this act is breaching Employment Act under Ministry of Manpower (MOM), on the other hand they may believe that they will not be that unfortunate to be caught. Also they believe if engaging a confinement nanny by themselves, it can save the cost, however the truth is , going through Newlfie hiring a confinement nanny the price is the same ranges , from $2200-$2500, according to the book time and the experience of the nanny.

With the same price, the difference are

  Through NewLife By yourself
合法性 Legal with work permit Illegal employment under social visit pass
Guarrant Professional , experienced, medical check up fit , in time stay in your home guarantee No guarantee
confinement nanny may
not experienced
may have Hepatitis A, B
Result 放心的快乐的坐月子 Worried for illeagal employment

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